Virginia M. Brooks: Pastor & Leader of Women’s Ministry

Virginia is a native Elmiran, her parents are Richard and Barbara (Creighton) Gilmore

(Parents are Deceased). She is affectionately known by her family members and close

friends as “Ginny”. She’s a devoted wife, mother of four children, as well as a

professional cosmetologist. Virginia is a co-visionary of The Kingdom Refuge & Dream

Center, and she is the head of the women’s dept. Her leadership role as a teacher,

intercessor, and praise team facilitator is a blessing to the KDC family.

The ministry of Virginia is centered on her vision to be a strong advocate for stable and

healthy families and protecting the innocence and purity of today’s youth. She thinks

outside of the box in her ministry function. Her ministry may not always be conducted in

a traditional format or a structured church environment. She has her own unique style of

sharing life stories, humor, social gatherings, and special women’s meetings; to give

people a sense of belonging to the family of God. She has special qualities of purity and

grace, and she is purpose driven to pass these qualities on to the next generation.

Virginia stands united with her husband (Pastor Brooks) to present a different kind of

church to a new generation of people, the most multi -ethnic, multi-cultural generation in

America’s history. Their vision is to re-present Jesus to their community, in an authentic

presentation of grace and truth and to make His kingdom known to all men.

"Lead me to the cross"


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