Virginia M. Brooks, affectionately known as "Ginny," is a dedicated wife, mother of four, and a professional cosmetologist from Elmira. As a co-visionary of The Kingdom dream Center, she leads the Women's Department, bringing her talents as a teacher, intercessor, and praise team facilitator to bless the KDC family.

With a bachelor's degree in Biblical studies from Chesapeake Bible College, Virginia's ministry is centered around spreading God's love in the community, supporting women, and contributing to the well-being of the community. She goes beyond traditional formats, using life stories, humor, social gatherings, and special women's meetings to foster a sense of belonging within the family of God.

Virginia's mission transcends boundaries, aiming to change lives and make a positive impact on the community. Alongside her husband, Pastor Brooks, she is committed to presenting a compassionate and transformative church to the community. Their vision is to authentically represent Jesus by extending love, truth, and making His kingdom known to all. Virginia is purpose-driven, focusing on helping women, fostering community bonds, and actively contributing to positive life transformations.

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